Create surface from network of curves - detecting which points on the curves are causing an issue?


I have a simple network of curves (attached). I am experimenting with Create surface from a network of curves but the operation fails. Is there a recommended workflow for checking that the curves form a suitable network for the surface creation?

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Surface from network of curves.3dm (45.2 KB)

Hi Paul - you cannot have two curves in the same direction sharing an endpoint (lower left in your image) unless they all do - that is come to a point.
But, this is not the way to build this shape - NetworkSrf will not preserve the hard angles. Instead, in this case, it looks like you can Loft all the tapered direction curves at once (the ones vertical in your image) with Straight Sections set in the loft.


Thank you, Pascal. Loft with straight sections works. I get shading effect in rendered view (lower left in the image). Is this a shading effect rather than a shape change in the surface? Or is there a better method to define the curves?


You can determine if the visual “kink” in the surface is real or just a visual artifact by creating a set of temporary contour curves through the surface using the Contour command. Check the contours to see if they are the expected shape.

Thank you, David, the Contour command really helped.