Free plugin: "People can read the code, but they have no legal right to use it" LOL

That’s the most ridiculous license statement for a “free” app/plugin that has ever been published.
That’s no exaggeration, that’s the truth.
As we should praise the good ones, we should also criticize the ridiculous ones,
if we are after a better world, that is.

It’s about the “iris” plugin:

Yes, this is a pending item. According to, you have these options:

Ask the maintainers nicely to add a license. Unless the software includes strong indications to the contrary, lack of a license is probably an oversight. If the software is hosted on a site like GitHub, open an issue requesting a license and include a link to this site, or if you’re bold and it’s fairly obvious what license is most appropriate, open a pull request to add a license.

Don’t use the software. Find or create an alternative that is under an open source license.

Negotiate a private license. Bring your lawyer.

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