Getting Copyright of Plugin

Hi everyone!

Are there any procedures to follow in order to get copyrights of our custom plugin? Thanks

I believe you automatically have copyright of what code you write. You can always add a copyright notice to each source file you create.

What exactly are you looking to accomplish?

Hi @nathanletwory, Thanks for the answer. We are beginning to sell our plugins and I just wondered that if we have to do something extra to own our product copyrights from rhino side.

To ensure correct legal advice you should turn to a lawyer who specializes in this type of work. You will want to find out about copyright, trademarks and registered trademarks and license agreements.

My layman understanding of copyright is that whatever code you write is automatically copyrighted to you until you sign it over to someone else or another legal entity. For selling your plug-in you probably want to look into creating a license agreement that covers all your needs (and the needs of your users), whilst also honoring the EULA for Rhino of course. I don’t know anything about trademarks, registered or otherwise, so you’ll have to consult the expert.

As they say: I Am Not A Lawyer (IANAL).

Seek legal advice from someone with the correct training and credentials.

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Thanks for the helpful advice!

Good luck with preparing your plug-in for the public!

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Also you don’t lose anything by looking for a plugin with the copyright you want yours to have and ask the author what you need to know. It does not replace a lawyer but it will help you choose a lawyer.