FPS Controller Design & Build - Rhino, Grasshopper and Dendro

Rhino, Grasshopper and Dendro used for mesh cleaning and surfacing.

Thanks for posting my project!
I have a VR mask project that more heavily leverages Grasshopper and Dendro as well.

Custom VR mask with Grasshopper and Dendro

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@CharlieP this controller is an amazing project. As a PS5 user I think I’d prefer the dpad and analog joystick switched places, though. I like the look of the lever. I think there is still opportunity of having at least buttons placed on the bottom of the controller. I have a PS5 DualSense Edge controller, and it has buttons on the bottom that double as L1 and R1 buttons - it feels really nice to use those. I think that with the hand position like you do for pinching trackball with thumb and ring finger it would make it for real good pinky access. Anyway, great project! Liked and subscribed on YouTube.

The fact that you used an existing trackball makes me want to try something similar for my split keyboard - probably find a small mouse with ball and see if I can use that. I tried a Pimoroni trackball, but it turned out to be too hard to use. I’d like a mouse ball close to a thumb that integrates well for when I’m standing, and sure, why not when it is on my desk (:

Hey, thanks for the support and the sub!
If you look close, at the 5:57 mark, you can actually see in the model scan that I had a back pinky button in the clay.
I realized that the right side of the controller was going to be so radically different that I wanted to stick with a layout I was used to on the left. That way I could leverage some muscle memory for the testing and try and flatten the learning curve a bit.
Really glad I ditched those too, because there is no way I would have fit another set of switches inside that thing (at least on the left).

As for your trackball setup, have you ever seen Wimads and Ploopy stuff?
A friend turned me on to these near the end of my build and really wished I had seen them earlier:




@CharlieP , I missed the bottom button first time watching. So much going on there! I can see how fitting more switches would be problematic.

Having used switches on the bottom I can say I miss them when I go to regular controllers (:

I knew about Ploopy, but the Wimads repository is a new one for me, thank you for the links.

I already have two microcontrollers to hook into and they’re already running QMK. Mousekeys I use a lot already, but I’m missing a trackball, I’ll have to think a bit on how to approach this then. I do have a Logitech Ergo trackball, perhaps I should cannibalize it - or maybe go for a cheaper one first :wink:

Anyway, your projects are great, also very nicely produced videos, enjoyable to watch and follow. Got to binge watch over Easter (: