Four Way Column Modelling in Rhino 5

Dear Rhino/Grasshopper Pioneers,

Hope all are well. I am using Rhino 5 and I recently produced the attached model for a 4-way column. I now want to find the volume of the model, but the model is taking too much time to calculate the volume and is producing a message that somewhere something is not capped which I am unable to find. Is there any simple way to model this? Any help would be appreciated in identifying any extra parts I used or anything that your experience suggests (P.S: I am quite new to modelling via Grasshopper).

Many Thanks.

Four way (32.3 KB)

Hey there!
Your file is like this in my computer!

Dont really know why

What’s the purpose of Gasshopper, if you’re doing everything “manually”? :wink:

Four way component (15.6 KB)