Found the TestMetal command

That looks sweet

The lines/edges are so much more crisp

It’s weird with something like Arctic but I assume that’s on the todo list? (the ambient occlusion(?) type shadows)

still, it looks really good so far :+1:

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Hey Jeff, good to hear from you.

None of the arctic or technical modes are not working under metal yet. Hopefully soon.


Hey Steve, nice to hear from you.

I’m using Rhino so much during the day that I don’t really have much energy to talk about it during off hours which is why I don’t post much here anymore.

Still, all you guys’ hard work is being put to good use. I still love this software :wink:

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Hey Jeff-

This is great! I haven’t seen you around much and was wondering where you wandered off to… it’s good to hear from you.

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