Found 0 Intersections with Sweep 2 and Pull commands

These objects don’t intersect each other and I can’t figure out why. They were both built using Sweep2, and I used the Pull command on the blue arch so that the surfaces would intersect, but there are none for some reason. This normally wouldn’t be a huge issue, but the actual piece I’m designing has a bunch of areas like this that I suspect will have the same issue. Also, not sure if it’s related, but the bigger object doesn’t really follow the rail curves exactly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Intersection_Issue.3dm (958.6 KB)

If you set document tolerance to 0.001 Rhino will find the intersection. :slight_smile:

Hello - ExtendSrf a little on the ‘branch’ if you want them to fully intersect - what is the goal here? Trimming one with the other?

Surface-surface intersections are subject to tolerance - that is, the absloute tolerance set in DocumentProperties. In this file, the tolerance is very very small, so the intersection failing, or partial, in V7, is telling you that the edge is not within .0000001 of the surface; if you make the tolerance a little more reasonable - maybe .001 or .0001 at the smallest, the intersection is found.


The goal is to make them both solid and boolean them together. I’m not sure why I changed the tolerance, but chaning it back and that fixed the issue and let them boolean together. Thanks for the help and the link.