Need the old forum!

This site feels like a user tech support forum, not a community like the old one. I really enjoyed the old site and it was invaluable for learning grasshopper. Old site:New Site::Obama:Trump


welcome to the community


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As someone who doesn’t participate in practically any social media, I don’t understand what exactly “community” means in this case. Banter? Customisable personal pages? Completely separate forums for different topics?

I quite like this forum now I’ve got used to it. I miss all the photo sharing from the old site though. I think that makes a big difference as it was a great source of inspiration.



Other than that I think Discourse is great.


I miss the ‘Examples’ section of the old forum. Given that there is no documentation that I have found for individual grasshopper components, other than the trivial help text itself, I found the examples in the forum to be invaluable.

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I am aware of that site. That is what I meant by ‘trivial’. The text for Path Mapper, for example, is “Perform lexical operations on data trees”, which is close to insulting!

90% of grasshopper components are of course completely obvious in their functionality, but some of the remaining 10% are completely obscure, both in their use and even in their intended purpose.

It would be REALLY useful to have a site with a working example of each of the less obvious components, where it is exercised in a realistic way, reflecting its intended purpose.

Failing that, the forum was quite good, since it could be searched. I remain unaware of anything better.

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I have to admit that this is not as bad as I imagined, though I agree completely that the lack of a gallery and of the personal pages eliminates the sense of community, something even whose existence David disputes. Overall, it feels more like being at work than at play.

Oh I don’t dispute it, I just don’t feel it. But, like I said, I’m online community disabled so I probably wouldn’t see one if it walked up and punched me in the face.


I hope it doesn’t come to that…

I know how you feel. I find the infinite monkey approach helps and if, after infinity-1 attemps to figure out a component, you still can’t understand it then try a different approach.

There was a good path mapper example somewhere… It was a video tutorial done by David I think. I can remember not being able to find it last time I searched. I can also remember thinking it made perfect sense when I watched it but then still couldn’t use path mapper so gave up again!

There probably is a good example of each less obvious component but no one has ever put them all in one place. Follow this link for a good google search of the old forum… Search Old GH Site topic Someone posted a link in that topic.

The search on the old site always made me feel like I’d just put my glasses down but couldn’t see where I’d put them and then they’d be right in front of me. I do that a lot anyway though so maybe the old search was great.

In this forum I can click on a little heart symbol when I like what someone has written… that’s pretty online community-y. There’s no punch icon though… We had Nik Wilmore for that on the old forum.

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for the above…


There is this one from @dannyboyesiom

PathMapper_20110315.ghx (658.1 KB)

I don’t really paticipate either. but i think it has to do with the visual character of the site. for example if you go a site like deviantart, it feels cohesive and unique

thanks jeff. i brought :avocado::bread:

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