Forum not accessing with Firefox and works with Chrome

Unable to access this forum with Firefox, just a dancing grey dot, paste address into Chrome and after having to log in, I am in.
was ok earlier today.


I’ve been using this forum in Firefox and it has always worked fine. Try ctrl+F5 or using a private window and see if that works. And make sure you use the root URL,

This is what I am getting.

Yep, working here too…

I’m Having issues with Firefox too since the last upgrade.
It looks like a random bug.

Unfortunately I haven’t any clue on how to solve it.

Also working for me with Firefox Nightly on MacOS, Windows and Android.

Now working again for me


I had the same problem - I could access the forum with the Firefox browser, but the Chrome browser did not work. Ctrl+F5 solved the problem, but I have to do it every time I open any page. The big problem became big nuisance.