Graphic Interface

Hi, all – I use the forums both from home and from work. Until recently everything was ‘normal’ from both sites. But something has gone different at home. The RhinoWin stuff shows with ‘nice graphics’ but the Grasshopper segment has gone to just text with no graphics. Surely I must have tweaked something, but can’t figure out what to untweak. Both systems Win7-64 with ‘standard’ graphics things [don’t really know…] Any suggestions??

Forgot to mention – I’m using Firefox 53.0.3 both places.

Hi Chris,

Have you checked with Chrome or another browser? If the problem persists, can you post a screenshot fo what you’re getting?

Never used any browser other than Firefox. BUT: the problem is now solved. Simply went to Mozilla/refreshFirefox (or something like that…) My Grasshopper view is now complete as before with graphics and such.

Problem gone. Thanks for suggests.