Format painter as in excel or word for Rhino dimensions?

Hi, I could do with the format painter I sue in excel or word.

I create two dims different to the style currently running,
Created the first, played around with the dim styles I have available, and get what I want.
Then have to make another dim a bit later in that style, so to select the first dim, run command ‘copy format’ (or copy dim style) , then select the other, and have it adopt the format (style) of the selected one, would be good :slight_smile:

does such exist ?


Select all the dims you want to change, go into the properties box and select the style you want to change to from the style dropdown menu. All will change to that style.


Cheers, its just the sheer speed of that format painter thats very handy.

I am not always knowing what style a dim is, so have to select it, then go properties and see what I use, then remember that when selecting them and going into file properties and selecting it from the dropdown.

much more steps than select click and click !

I am sure others would find such a quick tool useful.


Perhaps “dimension style” might be added to -MatchProperties… @pascal? --Mitch

Yeah, that is the other way… I proposed the other just because Match does not show up on the Dimension properties panel and I thought it might be a way to make it discoverable from that control - in any case, not mutually exclusive, I guess.