DimUseSelectedStyle is there a command such as this?

Is there a command in V4 or V5 that makes Rhino use the Dimension Style of a dimension selected ?

I have a number of different dimension styles in my project, invariably if I need to plot a dimension, what appears is not the style I want,
I have to select one of those I do want, go to properties and see the style in use, then go to File>Properties>dimensions (and one step further now in V5) and select the style from my list there…then I am up and running, until I need another style.

I wish there was a command something like :-

  1. Pick dimension with required style and hit enter

up and running in seconds !!!


Hi Steve,

Below is a macro to run a script that sets the default dimension style based on the (pre)selected dimension. You need to run this either from a button or as an alias. Be aware that linewrapping can occur when copy pasting from here.

_NoEcho -_Runscript (
Option Explicit
'Script written by willemderks.com
'Script version Wednesday, May 21, 2014 14:08:21
Call SelectByDimStyle()
Sub SelectByDimStyle()
	Dim strDim
	strDim = Rhino.GetObject("Select Dimension with Style to select", 512, True)
	If IsNull(strDim) Then Exit Sub
	Call Rhino.CurrentDimStyle(Rhino.DimensionStyle(strDim))
	Call Rhino.Print("Current dimension style : " & Rhino.DimensionStyle(strDim))
End Sub


Hi Steve,

I assume you know about the Setcurrentdimstyle command which is a shortcut for changing the style, but this isn’t what you want. I wonder if someone could script something for this?

You may want to post a message in the scripting forum.