Dimension Types in Rhino 5 for Windows

Hi All, As I dimension my layouts, a new dimension style is made with the same name but a number at the end.

I have Layout_Small Layout_Large and Layout_Medium styles but when I go to chose which one I want to use there may be

Layout_Small 01
Layout_Small 02
Layout_Small 03
Layout_Small 04
…and so on

How can I tell Rhino to not do this!?

Hi Clint - if you start with a blank file and make some dimensions, can you tell what action prompts a new dimstyle to show up? Is it with each new dimension, or by copying them or copy/paste from another file… etc.?


Just getting back to this question, Pascal. I can’t figure out when and where it starts to kick in. When I make a new blank file and make multiple leaders with a certain dim style, I don’t get the problem. If I open a new layout using my template and make dimensions and leaders, I don’t get the problem. I only see the long list when I go to SET DIMENSION STYLE.

Any way to delete the extras?

remaining confused.

Hi Clint - are you copying and pasting dimensions or importing objects from another file?


I will import objects sometimes and copy and paste objects sometimes. I will also import layouts from a template file.

I opened a new file, imported a layout and pasted an object from one model to the new file and didn’t reproduce it.

It’s not a big deal, just a nuisance.

I have a regular .3dm file that I use in my own folder to save dim types, layout formats that I like, etc. When I model a boat and am ready for making layouts, I import a layout from this file. Is that the issue?

Hi Clint - that seems possible - but I cannot repeat it , though I may be doing it wrong…

I made a file with a layout and a custom dim style
I imported the layout to my current file.
I started adding dims using the custom dimstyle from the imported layout - so far, the dimstyles are not reproducing.

Is that a reasonable test?