Form2 SLA Printer - Review?



Does anyone have first-hand experience using a FormLabs Form2 printer?

Any impartial views on reliability/post processing would be very welcome!




Don’t have one here, still only have my 1+, but most of the members of the APMM (Association of Professional Modelmakers) I have heard from who have a Form2 seem to be pretty happy with them.



Thanks Mitch,

They look pretty impressive, I’ve not used one firsthand but I do have experience with FDM, ObJet, ZCorp etc - and understand the limitations of each quite well.

Considering as a purchase to print in-house for the first time though, so good news if they are as impressive as they look…


I get quite a lot of stuff printed elsewhere but I have produced work for a couple of people who have the 1+ and it seems to be pretty good. I’ve not been impressed with most desktop PLA and ABS printers I’ve owned/used. I can’t vouch for the software though, sorry.

I recently had a sample sent from formlabs from the form2 and I was pretty impressed with it.



Cheers Andy,

Yeah, I generally use bureau’s too. Also received a sample part, which is far superior to ObJet and the like really.

Being ‘desktop’ as opposed to ‘pro’ makes me a little uncertain about the reliability and consistency of the parts? It would need to earn its keep and not just be an expensive toy…

(Declan Halpin) #6

I had a form1+ and now have a form2. It’s great. Many of the problems that plagued the form1+ have been completely resolved and I can send prints to the form2 with almost 100% confidence they’ll print. If I do get failures they’re my own fault (too few supports, etc). They are expanding their engineering resins, and seem to have the wind at their backs. Great support from the company and forum. Regular firmware/software updates. It has paid for itself many, many times over.


Thanks for that Declan,

Dependability when up against a deadline is really important. Appreciate you relating your experience. Good to know the ongoing firmware support is good too!

Some additional hunting found this review, which is pretty comprehensive, and backs up what you’re saying…

Thanks everyone.


I’ve the f2 since 2 years. it’s really good and reliable. Never had a problem till now.
Cons are the slow printing time, the waste of material especially in the latest version of the support software and the post process.
it’s really boring to cut all the supports and, generally, some of them are too attached to the srf so when removed, they leave a mark.
the clear material isn’t so clear and really yellowish.
the tank get opaque really fast. never tried the new one.
the srf result are very good but with some thin layering depending on the orientation.
the materials are really good. I like the tough that act like abs.