Using a section cut

The Form 2 SLA printer arrived and I managed to create a model that was printed in 3 parts with doweled joints. It assembled without major problems. However, it would have been less difficult if I* had used clearance drill diameters. Lots to learn. Our product employs large Acme threads and SLA printers use a number of supports that must be removed. As you can imagine, supports in threads are a PITA. That’s where good sections come in handy. I used the section command and then tweaked the male and female threads to create a tool for scraping the threads. I saved it as an igs file for a friend to EDM some scrapers for us to use for final clean up (see attached)Thread%20scraper-1 Thread%20scraper-2


FWIW, I recommend the Form 2. So far it’s done almost everything that I’ve asked. The build volume is smaller that I would like, but it works. It’s not inexpensive, but then again it’s not cheap either.

I’ve attached a few pics of our first prints. You can see what I mean about the supports.


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