Searching 3D PRINTER

Hi everybody,
I just registered to the forum and I would like to have some advice concerning 3d printers.Considering that I live in Milan and here there are valid labs that provide printing service / fusion jewelry, it is some time I’m taking information in order to buy a printer: I went recently to Vicenzaoro fair and a couple of products have attracted my attention, as well as a model that I found online that looks great for quality and price. I don’ t want to buy a machine too cheap since I need detailed requirements (I want to print the pieces of the designs of my clients who are 90% jewelry), but at the same time the machine can’t be too expensive for budget limits :slight_smile:

The machines I’m thinking to are the following :

3DL PRINTER - HD 2.0 ROBOTFACTORY (I’m trying it beside one laboratory close to Milan : I think that this is a machine with a great potential, but I still have to know it better and fully understand the parameters that endeavors)


DWS 009J

If anyone knows and wants to give me his opinion, that would be of great help. Thanks to everyone in advance


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