Cheap reliable pla printer: Flashforge Finder

Just gotten Flashforge Finder from amazon.
Was also looking into resin type but, wasn’t sure about the smell… duplicator7 seems good though with some updates in the parts.

The cost is really low and quite reliable. No errors, prints well.
The print sometimes comes off the print bed while printing as the pla cools, but using stick glue you can solve it.

One thing though, I can’t find a way to make supports come off nice and clean…
Any Tips on reducing supports?

Should I create like a dummy surface that
can be cut off later, before putting supports?

Going to test out TPU when I can get it. Though material is not provided by flashforge.

One other thing is high quality is a bit slow to print. I wonder higher prices makes things

Any pics of some prints?

Just reprinted a part.
10mmφ external.
Resolution set to high.

Currenly just using auto for support creation.

So taking off support, still need to sand off these uneeded extras… So this is fine for simple shapes, but something difficult needs a lotta time
to scrape off.