Force Rhino to create crash dump file?

Hi All,

My Rhino froze (not crashed) and I am about to lose decent amount of work (autosave for some reason did not work).
I’d love to get a crash dump file, so before I kill the process I was wondering if there is a way to force Rhino to create one?



Hi Jarek - from DaleF (who knew?) You can find the process in TaskManager, right-click and choose ‘Create dump file’ (or similar). Now- that will not include the 3dm file, which may be what you are really after… right? It’s a big file that tells Rhino’s state and so on that may be useful in debugging - not sure if that is what you intend…


@Jarek, below only works if you’re able to enter commands, so i am not sure if this works since you’ve said it is frozen:

Run _TestCrash, as module option choose “tl”, press ENTER once, then set the CrashType=NullPtrDeRef and press ENTER again. This will trigger this dialog:

If you click OK, it will crash Rhino and bring up the error report dialog. If you click “not send” and then ok in the next dialog, it will create a RhinoCrashDump.3dm file on your desktop.

Funny that Rhino even has a command for that. I have to admit i do not use this command frequently :wink:


Hi Pacal, Clement,

Thanks for quick help, and yes, I am trying to get 3dm file that is created by crashing Rhino. The *dmp file will not help.
Funny test command (had no idea) crashes like a charm but the frozen instance will not let me type any commands, so I cannot use it. I wish there was a way to crash ANY selected instance of Rhino running… This is probably one of my weirdest Rhino-related wishes in a while… I am about to give up and kill the process.



Hi @Jarek,

usually when this happens over here i decide if Rhino might just be busy by looking in taskman in the row for private Ram. If the numbers do not change, i give up and close it.

btw. just tried COM (external automation) access but i cannot access a running instance, only open a new one…


Hi @clement, yes, exactly - doing the same thing. Ram was still, so it was frozen dead.
and THIS is way above my head:

thx again.