Force all dialogs to one screen?


is there a possibility to force all dialogs and windows to one screen?
I find it annoying to search for dialogs all over the screens.
E.g. when I drag a file onto the Rhino main window, I am asked what to do with it on an other monitor.
The following ‘Save changes?’ comes up above the main window (BTW, the dialog title is ‘Fehler’, this is not right).
The STP options are on an other monitor after cklicking ‘No’.

Then I do a Loft.
Where may the dialog open?

Same for the toolbars.
If I drag the main window to an other monitor all the floating toolbars are left on the former screen.

This inconsistent dialog positions lead to irritation and many mouse kilometers…

Is there a switch or a reset command for this?
Perhaps a test command?


Rhino is set to remember where you dragged them last time.
If you run Rhino sometimes with one monitor and sometimes with two, the best solution would be to make a second Desktop Shortcut, and add a Scheme command line switch to it. Then you could start Rhino depending on the number of screens you’re running at the time. Each scheme would remember the settings that were used for it independently of the other.
Specific details are in the Help file.Search on “schemename”

It would be nice if dialogs in the same command popped up where ever you moved the last one- that is what I find a little frustrating - e.g Export as vrml as I just did- the save dialog comes up, I move it onto screen 2 type a name and the next little dialog pops up someplace else. I may not even see it for a while. Then the meshing control pops up someplace else again. Dumb. If I move a dialog to some location, it seems to me that all subsequent ones for that operation should follow…


Hello John,

when I would change the # of monitors I would expect some difficulties.
I run Rhino with 3 monitors, and they are always active.
So no need to create special schemes.

Pascal, thanks for chiming in.
That is exactly what I wanted to express.

A new logic would be simple:
The very first dialog after a Rhino start is above the main window, no matter on which monitor it was started or dragged to.
All later dialogs are on the same screen as the former dialog.

This would be a great tune-up, and it is very wanted.


Situation as it is now:

I start Rhino from the Metro-UI which is on M2.
Rhino comes up on M3, floating toolbars are on M2.
I drag Rhino to M2.
Now I drag a STL from an Explorer on M3 onto Rhino on M2.
The file options dialog comes up on M2, I click the first option.
As I don’t always look over all monitors I wonder why nothing happens.
Found it, the STL import options come up on M3.

There are more examples like this.