Wish: all Rhino dialogues on the same monitor as my active Rhino session


With two monitors and often offering training with extended desktop on a beamer I switch my Rhino sessions between screens. However the Rhino dialogues and menu pop ups are sticky and do not automatically show on the screen I have my session on. This is quite confusing during teaching and offering presentations. I drag every dialog back and forth over and over again.

Is this possible?

Dialog positions

This should definitely be offered as an option, however I know a lot of people who work on two or more monitors that want all their dialogs on the second screen…



okay, okay that makes sense too.
Then an option would be nice.


The current situation leads to large mouse journeys.
Dialog positions are often a surprise.
E.g. drag a file onto Rhino, then the first dialog comes up on above the main Rhino window.
The “Want to save?” dialog maybe two monitors away.
Before I find it… grrr.
All the above was often said in the old NNTP newsgroup.

Today the logic of the positions of the dialogs is not consistent.
Even ResetWindowPositions doesn’t help in some cases.

An option to control this is more than necessary.