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Today the end of the semester crunch started and so for the next ten days or so, I am chained to my workstation sending files to our laser… actually now we have two lasers (identical) and that is the subject of this post…

The workflow I have is two monitors, each one has a Rhino instance on it and each one goes to a different laser. I even have a bit of masking tape on the monitors with “ONE” and “TWO” to remind me which one is going where. Actually this works very well, no problem there…

The problem is the PRINT dialog… it comes up where you last left it. In principle that should be good, but the fact is that the two instances of Rhino are using the same data as to where the dialog was last left. So if I drag it onto the left monitor and print something from the left instance to the laser, then go into the right monitor instance and print something to the other laser, the print dialog is still on the left monitor… If I drag it to the right, it stays on the right, even if I return to the left instance. Which quickly gets confusing…

So, IMO, each instance needs to remember its own print dialog position; it would be great if you can implement this. Fortunately the settings INSIDE the print dialogs in the two instances do remain independent, otherwise I would be in deep trouble…


You need a third monitor to host the print dialog :smile:

Yep… between the other two… :smile:


Oh, and the other HUGE problem - much worse than the Print dialog - is the last used directory for imports. I have different USB sticks plugged into the machine from different students. I import files from one into one Rhino instance, then I go the to the other Rhino instance and import from another stick. Then if I go back to the first instance, it has not retained the original directory, instead it has changed to that of the second (last-used) directory - the one from the second instance. So I have to go browsing for the first stick again… Do that dozens of times a day and it gets tiresome…


Does Windows’ Recent Places in the dialog help? Seems like that might do it…


It might, but my listing of those is about a mile long (enough that I have to scroll through and search), and anyway, all I want is for it to stay in the same directory per instance… That way it just goes baada bam bing, bang boof and it’s on it’s way to the laser… :satisfied:


Mitch my way of dealing with that is I never open files from anywhere but my working directory. I just copy whatever I need from where ever and put in there. This at least gets you to a shared main directory between your running Rhino instances.
I use Syncback, automatically throws stuff from usb sticks into my intake directory.
I’m also a devoted fan of the drag and drop file open method. I’ve got a dedicated windows explorer for that, just dragging from there.

I see your point and your problem.

So here is a workaround while RMA’s bright heads work out the real issue:
Skip the entire PrintPreview and use -Print
That way you can make a print to “ONE” and “Two” as two different buttons.
And even make a “set up” button.

Should get you out of the mess I presume, since the printers are identical and the settings probably are too.

Nope, these are laser cutters and the “settings” are all our canned values for all the different materials/thicknesses we cut. so I need to get into the printer properties every time unless I’m cutting the same material as the previous file.


That might be interesting… does it throw everything in there? when a student hands me a USB stick, it usually has their entire life on it… They usually have to direct me to the correct directory/file when importing.

I am as well, but in this case again it doesn’t work. I have a laser file import routine that I wrote that checks the file and removes a bunch of bad stuff (if present) and reports to me a few other things if it finds them - makes file processing a lot easier and faster. When dealing with students, you never know what you’re going to get…


haha! you’ve gotta crack the whip on your students! Tell them if they want something cut its gotta be in the CUT folder! :smile:

Syncback will let you pick whatever from wherever (and whenever). Lots of filtering and other tools available with it.

OK, that’s cool I’ll look into it then, it might be possible to get most of our students to do that…



I realized I answered my own question here in another thread without realizing it - at least as far as the print dialog goes for my particular application… won’t work for everyone, though…

I replied to someone else that when using different Rhino schemes, they do not overwrite each others’ settings… As it turns out, the Print dialog position info is stored in the current scheme. So I created a new scheme for the second laser, copied over my settings from the first, and locked the second instance on my second monitor. So, on each monitor there is now a different scheme running. Now the print dialog comes up where I last left it in each instance… So for me, this is an effective workaround for that particular problem!


Thanks for sharing!