Font with fixed height line height for charts and schedules

Hello, Could anyone suggest a font to use on construction drawings to use on charts and schedules? All the fonts I have tried adjust the line height relative to the existence of descenders and ascenders (d and g for example) so columns of text may not align. See example.

Another thought, is this possible only an issue with the border offset function? Could the border offset coding be made to offset consistently, no matter what text the box contains?

Hello- I do not see a way to control this - either way it goes, someone will be unhappy, so I guess there is an option lurking here…


Thanks Pascal.

If you know of any chart tools compatible with Rhino Mac pls let me know. That would also solve my issue.


Hello- would lower case as small caps work? That is in TextObject and (just a guess) I imagine this could be done in Text as well.


Great idea! Just using All caps will solve this for the moment.

Hi Pascal,

The top border is already set to accommodate the ascenders whether they are present or not. I can’t see any good reason why the bottom border should not accommodate the descenders in the same way…


Strewth. Let me see if we can do that.
RH-72568 Text: more symmetrical border


Sorry, possibly not if you uses braces:

You’d need to find a font where the braces are confined between the baseline and the ascender.

Good point. Not a perfect solution.

Another workaround I found was to insert a common character in the last line of each text column, such as a period. Since it is a border issue it only affects the first and last lines of text.

A chart tool would be very useful here.

Thanks for your comment!