Font warning

Why is there 'not a warning that a font is missing ? or let the font get saved with the drawing
as it did give me some problems when i was sharing a file for lettering cut out , fortunatly he called me as i had 1 text object exploded and that had the correct font shape, but the other lettering was replaced with the standard font
I think a warning that a font is missing should be there to avoid misunderstandings and costly errors

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or you can send the font with the file while sharing with others

that will also be difficult when having a new pc ,what fonts did you use in the drawings ,?
I think there should minimal be a warning and the original font name displayed with the drawing

I often use the Ubuntu font for 2d drawings and send it along with the file either to a friend or to print somewhere else. if not, I use the default fonts that every Windows have.

Hi - we have that feature wish on our list as item RH-9905. This is currently not visible to the public.
I have added your concerns to the report.
Thanks for your input!

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Thanks Wim it is really not ideal when opening a drawing at another place and the text is all different we use different fonts all the time , now we have to explode them to keep the form but then it is not editable anymore
i hope they solve it soon