Font Not Found

When opening a file that imported objects from a DWG file, I receive the error “This file uses a font not found on this computer.” I have NO text objects in this file. How do I found out why Rhino thinks that this font is associated with an existing object?
2022-05-10 22_21_46-Missing Fonts
Font Issue.3dm (2.5 MB)

It is probably part of a style (Text, dimension or multi-leader) try to investigate it in AutoCAD.

Yes, I realize that but I removed all styles, purged them, removed all text, etc and the error still persists. This file was given to me and I do not have Autocad to investigate. There must be a way in Rhino to figure out what objects are using what fonts, or simply listing objects in the file that are using fonts. Anyway to do this?

SOLVED: Went to Options, Annotation Styles, and selected the only annotation style listed. Rhino showed the font that was missing. Simply changed it.

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I had this issue a while back, everytime I opened a file- ‘font not found’, was a real pain, it somehow magically went away after about a month :man_shrugging:t3:

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum. For future reference, if you follow the hint in the dialogue and check the command line you will see where the problem lies, including the name of the Annotation Style involved. (NB. Its easier to read if you run command history.)


Thanks Jeremy! I had completely overlooked the command line and it’s hints. Great tip!