Font rendering

This might be just me…
I find that the rendering of fonts on the forum rather hard to read. I’m (forced to) using Internet Explorer (v10).

Here’s an example. The type looks bold and especially the i’s are hard to distinguish from the l’s. Also, italic text becomes more or less unreadable:

I see that I can override the font rendering by going into Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility > and picking “Ignore font styles specified on webpages”. This however, makes that certain UI elements do no longer get rendered and therefore is a bad solution:

Can something be done on the Discourse side?

Note: it renders fine on my Chrome browser on my Android phone.

You know I fired up IE11 and to my surprise, that is indeed how it renders. I don’t remember IE11 looking this bad.

But… it looks bad in Wikipedia too!

There’s really absolutely nothing going on with the CSS here that would be causing issues.

It’s odd because I use IE11 all the time on my Surface 3 Pro, it is an amazing touch browser.

Here’s a side by side of Firefox and IE11 on the McNeel homepage. IE on the RIGHT, Firefox on the left.

Look closely at the “a” and “s” chars in Usage for example.

Thanks for checking, Jeff!

I don’t necessarily find it hard to read Wikipedia on this system. But I’m on IE10 so that might also influence things.

The bottom line: is there anything that you think can be done? :cry:

I figured some stuff out… it’s a Windows 8 issue too.

In Windows 8 they switched to greyscale cleartype, versus RGB cleartype. Firefox still uses the RGB cleartype renderer, IE uses the Win8 default which is greyscale cleartype.

‘Attempts’ being the operative word, I guess :smiley:
But FWIW, this is on Win7.

This problem was plaguing me recently as well in Chrome - it seems to be related to the use of DirectWrite. Disabling DirectWrite caused the text on the forum to be much more readable. chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write