Do you see colour fringes to text in windows 7 or 8?

Can I ask, as its going to affect characters in Rhino, and its also interfering with my build time ! …having had this drive me nuts for three weeks since the build of this win7 pc, and with the guys at Nvidia looking into it, ( I have an GTX970) , if you are with win7 or 8, do you see just black text on screen in use of windows , word, internet, email etc, or do you see different coloured text, due to coloured edges varying with point size ?
I have just started with win7 64bit pro from XP and its a big difference and a shock to the system. In all the years of operating systems I have always seen black text, important when doing graphics, now with same monitor as XP its anything but :frowning: I can type something and see in the word e.g felling the upright characters f ll i are green or red or blue etc ! In Outlook the text I type in a reply appears blue, the text in the attachment window green and the address name black. In the inbox opened emails subject line is green, unopened one (more bold) in purple brown.

Attached a zip file of the docx test page. Do note the lll lll shows up the different colours at different point sizes that I and others see, that same colour edges the verticals in the text I see on screen. (11.9 KB)

printscreen it, dump it into MS paint (start>progs>accessories and crop it (crop tool then right click crop) and save as png and upload here with data of what OS, video card and resolution.

chart is 6pt, 7,8 9 10 11 12 14 16 top set Arial, bottom set Calibri Body (default in word nowadays !)



I see this, as does another with same brand of monitor (Eizo) and this time an Intel vid driver on laptop same screen res.:-

Text in win7 is a mess, anything but true black. I reckon its win7 at fault but with a friend with just black and an AMD I am not so sure.

…and from a friend, win8, even worse !

…another friend AMD vid card, win7 pro64, same res dpi as me. and just black text. so maybe the video card then ?

and an XP versus win7 desktop icon text comparison


spot on.
After annual eye check - no.
seriously,-get a 20 year old with great vision to look at it.

So black text for you, what vid card and OS and screen res etc r u ?
My eyes are ok by the way, xp day fine, then win7 day and kaboom.

not black/black black- no i see most all stuff with a slight blur.
how old are your eyes…eyes change in other ways. -over 40 you are screwed.
gtx 580-nvidia
i do recall the win7 setup was a bit funky,having to do with the smoothing the font things.-
Adjust cleartype- win7 must do.
-refresh rate
and color calib.
-room lighting.-back lighting
no shiny monitors
wipe the baby sneezes off monitor.

Hi Steve1
I have a Dell monitor (2408 WFP) GTX 650 and win7 64bit. I have no colour aberration regarding text in any of my software. However, I can see it in your first two samples but see ‘true’ black without aberration in your XP example. You say docX isn’t accepted, what about .txt produced in notepad?

Yeah OK, never stuck so many capital L’s together before. I can see this now on my system. It varies according to font size (therefore distance apart) and also, I guess, screen resolution. I assume its all those coloured and square monitor pixels struggling to create white, black etc. in tiny gaps. Maybe changing your screen res will help. Mine is set to 1920x2480 and the effect doesn’t seem as bad as you are getting.

Just .zip the document. --Mitch

Win 8.1, GTX 780 344.48 driver
@steve1 Note you actually need to download the image and open it in an image viewer, Discourse is also doing some sort of interpolation as far as I can tell. It’s much sharper if I open the downloaded image in some other program.

Win Vista and later have ClearType enabled by default. ClearType uses subpixel adjustments to increase text legibility. This will introduce color fringes. Depending on your display and ClearType settings this might be visible.

First of all try to turn off ClearType. If this doesn’t get rid of the fringes, your display driver is probably the cause. Then you might want to experiment with the ClearType settings to get the best output.

Hi Mitch,
You lucky soul, black text, as I used to see. I shall inform Nvidia of GTX780 344.48. I would have been with that card but for salesamn pointing out a new card has just blown all away and £100 cheaper.

It is vital for me to know…what are your settings, ClearType on or off ? Did you then go through the options selecting best look in each panel ? Aero or Classic, or does win8 have different again ?

CPearase, do note my eyes didnt change between XP and 3 hrs later win7. All room conditions same, monitor same, just win7 and a Geforce 970 in a new PC build now delivering to screen.

Hi Holo, I turned off ClearType as it was anything but on the desktop icons, it immediately improved the desktop icon text from that multicoloured dark edged character mush to the crisp white, however the wizard that follow, (you cant just turn it off and close the panel) I went next next etc without changes as I didnt want to mess up the text elsewhere and yet the text was thin and whimsy, no body to it as in ZP. Then I went Classic to improve hopefully the text but I see these fringes and anything but true black,though mitch has black, and my friends AMD has black.


spikes! steve spikes!
-untreated high blood pressure can also affect your eyesight.
Whenever i have to install an new Os and all the other tons of stuff the tears in my eyes make text look funny.

Just on a side note: ClearType obviously has to assume some kind of RGB subpixel layout that might or might not be the layout of your actual monitor.
Maybe your new graphics card doesn’t recognize your monitor.
Please also check your monitor drivers and color profiles. Maybe there are no valid drivers for the newer OS.

This probably has nothing to do with the difference between cards IMO… – Mitch