Discourse on Rhino web browser

Usually I use Firefox and Discourse displays well, but I was thinking that if Discourse is really going to be the new newsgroup, it might be handy to have it parked in Rhino. Using the Rhino web browser gives a much less desirable experience. The first is that the rendering on the font makes it hard to read, it shows as rather thin and pale. The next is that using IE, Discourse does not seem to remember what I have read or looked at. Lastly, because I do have it docked in the Rhino web browser, I have tried to make it as minimal as possible, but elements keep popping up which are out of frame, such as when I started writing this, the “This topic is similar to…” window popped up, but I couldn’t use the scroll bar to see the entirety of it, instead I had to increase the size of the window. Same is true for the header bar, I can’t make it smaller than a certain size. And now that I have typed all this, I notice no spell check in IE. Also no carriage return either (works in Firefox, not IE). That is going to make for some long paragraphs.

And then I got this error in the Rhino web browser which could not be dismissed:

(well, I can’t attach an image as a new user it seems, that should be corrected. Error read: Script error, line 21, char 27177, Unable to get property ‘height’ of undefined or null reference Code: 0)


Yep, the browser must be updated! Check what I get in V5:

Hi Sam,

Regarding the posting of images, please see this… New user woes

Rhino’s webbrowser uses whatever version of internet explorer is installed on your operating system. Discourse displays fine in my V5. I’m using Win8 and IE10

Hum, right.
Another thing I’ll have to ask IT to do.

Seems to be working sorta OK here - I guess this is IE 9 - but the type is cut off in some places - you have to pull the panel way out to use the log-in boxes. I don’t know why you would want to view the forum in this panel, though. I guess if you have 3 screens and have this panel large on one…??? Well not really all that well actually, can’t use Enter to start anew paragraph…

I’m using IE 10 in Rhino, this is what the text looks like for me (lets see if I have enough trust points to post a pic):

It would be nice if I could scrunch the width of the header down to at least match the width of the replies. I don’t know how much control over that kind of stuff you guys have though.


Ouch, those images loaded slowly…
RMA: Can you convert images online to progressive jpegs?


Possibly in the future we can do some image optimizations for uploaded images.

Test posting from iPhone. Seems to work ok. Not optimal, but better than the web newsgroup, for sure.

I am running Windows 7 x64 with IE 10 and Chrome. Rhino 5 WebBrowser looks great with Discourse.

– Dale

Same here. Have IE10 and the browser is working fine with discourse.

It’s looking a lot better now that I’ve told IE to ignore CSS for fonts (under accessibility). But getting it into a streamlined sized footprint is still an issue.