Folding individual waterbomb origamis in a system

Hi there,

So I’ve made this definition (sorry about the mess, it was created during a stressful period) that puts a foldable origami base (waterbomb) onto a grid system. I’m able to fold all panels, though what I would like to be able to do is to fold individual waterbomb’s with for instance point attractors. Not sure if it’s possible to implement in an elegant way with this definition or if I have to rebuild it another way. Any advice is much appreciated. (34.6 KB)

That is not the behavior of an origami, the edges have great variation in lengths.
You are keeping in-place the external vertices, an origami can’t move.

Are you ok with this?
Your modules, at any different “fold” value will result in a different module, not-congruent pieces, etc.

Damnit, you are right. I thought they looked a bit funky…

Ok, let me start from scratch. Here’s another version, edge lengths are the same throughout the different ‘fold’ values, thus simulating the correct behaviour of an origami.

Now, the next step I need help with is adding a ‘md slider’ and ‘point attractor’ that changes the folding angle parameter of the individual origamis within a specified range, in a fading degree from closest to farthest. This is where I’m lost.

I’m guessing I can’t do this after moving the already folded origami to the grid, and have to find a way to implement the system grid prior to the folding stage of the script?

waterbomb base (24.4 KB)

got some help from a friend. It’s working perfectly now.

Here’s the definition if anyone’s interested. (27.8 KB)