Focal distance and Batch render

Hey guys.

If I want to run a batch render of multiple renders and with different focal distances. How do I do it?

I can’t seem to find any existing threads about this, and I can’t find the feature myself. Maybe there’s a plugin?

Thanks for the help in advance.

In V-Ray 3.60, supposed to be released soon, focal distance will be “animateable”.
Focus distance can’t be linked to view changes in Rhino but maybe there will be a way to script this when 3.60 comes out.

FYI, in the upcoming Rhino 6 (i.e. current BETA) focal settings can be saved with SnapShots, and furthermore is already animatable with Bongo 2 for Rhino 6

You mean VfR will not read the camera target position anymore like at VfR2? I hope not and we will get the VfR2 behavior again.

No, I mean the “defocus amount” (the V-Ray setting) is not saved with Named Views.

Either Rhino adds the missing camera properties like aperture and shutter speed, and they are recorded with view changes and can be recalled with Named Views…
Or V-Ray adds an editable setting in their Batch render tool where we could define these properties.

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