Working with cameras / model iterations

Hey guys,

so I’m trying to figure out if Rhino (6) with V-Ray (3.6) works for us as a 3D modeling + Rendering package to complement Vectorworks, which has a great 2D workflow, but is one of the least stable, worst to use 3D modeling software ever conceived. Anyway, there are two main challenges I am encountering and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a few guides/tutorials/white papers that focus on the following subjects:

  • Working with cameras for rendering. So far I’ve been using saved views, but this is far from optimal. Sometimes, I render the wrong viewport, I don’t know how to queue renders and everytime I change the view I need to readjust the Vray camera tilt. There has to be a better way, right?
  • Working with dozens of variations of the same model. E.g. different windows, different sunscreens, material globally…Coming from Vectorworks, I am used to working with classes (basically the same as layers, objects have a both a layer and a class), which are a great help in organising such things.

Also, is it possible to get the English language pack for the trial version?

You may want to check out SnapShots for your variations and cameras. Not sure how well it works with V-Ray though in terms of keeping cameras consistent.

Restart the installer you installed Rhino with, then chose Modify. Select the language(s) you want and let the installer do its work. After that you can start Rhino and change the language to the one you want to use.

SnapShots is a good tip, cheers. Especially the material assignments should come in handy. Saved snapshots don’t however show up in the Vray Batch Renderer and there is still the issue of camera tilt, so I suppose I would need something that saves both the state of the Vray settings and the Rhino camera.

Is there maybe a plugin or something that extends on Rhino camera handling? Something that is more alike to real world camera handling than Rhinos view based cameras.

Restarting the installer didn’t work unfortunately as I am already on a more recent version. No biggie, I’ll just make due with my localised install.

You should be able to go to the Windows Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall or Change. Select Rhino in the list, then the Change button. That should give you access to the Modify option that Nathan mentioned.

It did. Thanks!