Set different camera target for each camera?

How can I set a different camera target for each camera/named view in Rhino?

We have several cameras and want to use them with depth of field. However each camera has a slightly different target to be correct.

How can we set this in Rhino? You can save cameras using the named views and “Show named view widget”, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the camera target, which you can then set in the Vray Asset Editor.

What are we missing?

Digging a little further it seems that the target of a camera is NOT that middle point on the front of the camera, but somewhere else!?

If I inspect where the camera has its target and then place a point there, you can see that the target is not where you think it should be, ie. in the middle of the camera view.


V-Ray uses this SDK call, passing “true” for “bUseFrustrumCenterFallback”:

It is set to the CameraPhysical::focus_distance. It is also used in focal length calculations.
We don’t use the actual “target” point, but Rhino calculates the focus for us.

this is a per-view setting. If you render different views (based off different cameras), those values shall be different

You can check the actual values by exporting a .vrscene file and checking these numbers:

There is an easy solution and I don’t know why Chaosgroup doesn’t implement it as default so that users don’t need to ask for.

There are two scripts which can be saved to Rhino buttons. I use the scripts quite often. One script set the focus where you want it and the second script can be used to show the focus plane so you can check the focus. After you checked the focus press Undo and save the view.