FlowAlongSrf - applying command to totallity of object and not just its surface sample

I would like to do a _FlowAlongSrf command. My problem is : the surface i’m working with is a sample from a bigger object (kind of an open egg shaped). I have done the sample with the boolean division function between the egg and and a cube. But when i launch the _FlowAlongSrf command, the pattern that i want to apply is beeing applied to the totallity of the egg shape, which has been previously deleted, and not just the sample. Would you have an idea on how to solve this please?
Thank you in advance ^-^

If I get what you’re saying right, what’s happening is that when you trim off (“delete”) part of a surface, nothing actually goes away, you’re actually ADDING information to the model in the form of a trim curve. If you Untrim your surface you will see it’s all still there. So, you can adjust the size of your starting surface for the flow so that the pattern fits more or less in the trimmed area, and you can try using ShrinkTrimmedSrf to ‘discard’ as much of the trimmed-off area of your egg shape as possible.

Yes!! thank you Jim!