After use "FlowAlongSrf", the objects happened a movement away the position, how to fix it?

Here is the file and image.
I want to use “FlowAlongSrf” to move the object to the surface, and the surface is a trimmed surface

001 why there a (631.3 KB)

Hello - FlowAlongSrf maps from the surface UV of the base surface to the UV of the target surface. In this case, the target surface is a sphere and the base surface is a plane - you may want to just Project the outlines of the blue rectangles up to the green surface.


I want a vertical project of the outline, and get a slightly movement in the result.

Hi - I can’t tell from your answer if you tried to project outline curves. You’ll have to make a copy of the upper surface (the sphere) and delete the holes.

I build a new surface by using the same curves, and finally the movement got a offset around 4mm to 8mm, different at positions

I really think all you need to do is Project the curves.

ProjectOutlines.3dm (1.5 MB)


And if you take what Pascal wrote a few steps further, you can get “flown” boxes that are right above the original ones.
why there a distance-projected.3dm (1.7 MB)

thanks you!
it really works!!