Flow spiral against form

How to I get the spiral to cling on to the form
Spiral on silouhette.3dm (206.5 KB)

usually just pull, but as your model is a mesh, convertToNurbs or toSubD and then pull.

hope that helps

I did just that but the spiral is no more a spiral when I
Spiral on silouhette after pulling on SubD.3dm (1.5 MB)

See below, I did what you suggested but the spiral is no more a spiral once on the form!

I guess you projected and didn’t pull, is it possible?

Hi @marcel1
Maybe this is what you are looking to do? Create a “backbone” curve and sweep2 so that you get a spiral surface that follows the contour of the “statue”. Use MeshIntersect (or just Intersect if you’ve converted it to subd or polysurface) to get the curve. Note that with history enabled, you can adjust the spiral shape and have the resulting intersection update.
Spiral on silouhette_JN.3dm (1.3 MB)

HTH, Jakob

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…I quickly made more or less what you need.

the main problem is that the “pull” command aligns the curve in relation with the surfaces normals. As your model is made from a mesh, the conversion results in many surfaces or subD surfaces and therefor makes the curve jittery, which means the command is not “exactly” what you’re looking for

…or by reducing the surfaces as I made by heavily reducing the mesh number, you get a halfway ok result, that would allow you to use as a base to rebuild the curve nicely.

hope that helps
Spiral on silouhette after pulling on reduced Mesh.3dm (1.8 MB)

very nice approach!

Wow not bad, I’ll try that thanks. But what I am ultimatly trying to do is a spiral grooves going around the form, sort of like the attached that I did in vertical grooves, but this time I want a spiral, can you help with that please?
WOman form with vertical grooves.3dm (14.0 MB)

Hello - one way is to make a central curve and loft the spiral to that, then Intersect the result with a SubD version of the mesh.
Spiral on silouhette_maybe.3dm (1.7 MB)


Thanks but that’s not what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to make a thicken spiral polysurface solid and “Difference Boolean” against the woman’s form so it can result in a spiralling GROOVE of a depth of 10mm and a width of 12mm flush with the woman’s body. Like the previous attachment I send showing vertical grooves in the body form.
Any idea?

Ok Pascal, I’ve studied your advice, and you are correct, I will use that and try to offset that the aqua line and extrude it to create a groove. Wish me luck.

I got the sucker!!! Finally
Spiral groove on woman form.3dm (7.3 MB)