Spiral Curly Hair Using normal Rhino or SubD

Hi Guys!

I am stuck on this exercise, I am trying to make the curly hair for this pendant however I don’t know how would you tackle this project.
I tried using Sub D to create the curve but it doesn’t look right. like the surface has to be flat at the top and side a bit bumpy. And with SubD it gives too much of a round top surface(hope it makes sense)
I tried using Normal Sweep rail 2 as well but I don’t know how to create the surface of the hair while it moves from up to bottom
I look at this video Spiral Pattern Pendant- Jewelry CAD Design Tutorial 3D Modeling with Rhino 7 # 184 - YouTube I think its the closest to my project, but I’m still stuck

Thank you for your help


Uploading: stuck3.png…

Thank you Martin!

What I did is drawing the curve using spiral (not flat) then I extruded the surface (SubD) make sure its has 2 rows. Then I delete the last row square by square and use append to link the empty row with the border.
After I manipulate the points to make it look like its a sliding stairs. Another thing I learn doing this exercise is to using the function CREASE to get the border crisp


Thanks for the reply. Topology can be tricky… I often spend hours getting it right :slight_smile: