Flow field lines clean up

Hi Guys,

Here I have generated a flow line field from another software and imported it in Rhino. Just wondering if it is possible to merge the shattered lines into one continuous curve based on distance. For instance the curves that are close to each other will be pulled together and create a longer curve.

Thank you

forum question 2.3dm (7.8 MB)

Here is the link for rhino6forum question 2 r6.3dm (7.8 MB)


feels bad bro

Which software is this coming from?

The field must exist at some point, and what you need is to trace longer streamlines through this field.

Rather than try and join together lots of short samples, which would be very tricky, better to find some way to get the field data itself in.

Hi Daniel,

It’s from the fluid simulation in houdini. I used the volume trail component in houdini to evaluate the velocity field of the particles. I dont actually know how to export that to rhino tho…

Hi Daniel, I was able to convert the lines to a vector field in gh. Attached is the file. field.gh (6.8 MB) What I really want to do is to have continous field lines. I have the flowL plugin, but it doesnt seem to work with custom vector field.

Is Houdini unable to make polylines?

Also check this

I used the volume trail component in houdini

Increase the trail lengths and use less particles.

The key is to find integral curves; Maybe this old addon help