Curve projecting issue

Good evening everyone, I’ve got another (most likely dumb) question for you kind people: I’m trying to project a planar curve on a tridimensional surface in such a way that the curve edge length is preserved. I tried to use the ‘project’ component, but it doesn’t work as I’d like since I get the following result:


What’s the right component to perform this action? Thanks for your patience!

Up. Anyone?

You may want to try using the flow commands instead of projecting. Get comfortable with how flow and flowalongsrf work in rhino then use the components in the peacock plugin for grasshopper.

The accuracy of your results are going to depend on your source and target geometry.

There are other ways to achieve this also… I’d extract an isocurve from the surface and a subcrv of that with the length required. The other 3 curves are then simple to find and join together.

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