Flow Along Surface Naca inlet into a fussellage body

Hi I need to put a naca inlet over a fussellage body.
The naca inlet must to follow the intersection between
a plane(violet) and the body.

Starting in the beginning of the intersection,
and end in the intersection end,(strecth to the intersection length)
also the depth must be controled by the green surface of the naca inlet.

So How to do that??.

I try flow along surface, but when select target surface, there is no way
to select the begining and end of the intersection.

Target surface - select near matching corner ( Copy=Yes Rigid=No Plane ):

I hope to be clear.

Hi marceloaruello700,
it would be easier to understand if you would upload the data.


Hi marceloaruello700,
I guess this is almost what you are after?

It is done withflow along surface.

Thanks, sorry for the delay.
Here are the picture of i want, and the file to work.
Please tell me the step involved.
My problem is how to set the target location.
The file:dr2412 with inlet.3dm (566.5 KB)

Hi marceloaruello700,
I hope the file (I had to delete some surfaces to reduce data size) helps and is what you are looking for.
dr2412 with inletED.3dm (1.4 MB)

I used intersecting curves between the fuselage and the violet surface.
Projected two more curves on the fuseglage surface and created a new surface, the target.
Then I used the flow along surface.

The next steps would be to cut out some surfaces.


Now it work, I create a target surface using the intersection planes.
And is very important the corner choices
Base surface - ""select near a corner ““
Target surface -”” select near matching corner “”