Flow Along Surface Help

Hi Guys,

Im trying to map a roof shingle pattern on to an organic roof surface. Im having diffulties mapping using flow along surface command since its leading to distorted tile geometry. Ive included the rhino files!

Let me know your thoughts!
Roof Tiles.3dm (13.1 MB)

… always nice to have a screenshot… (from your rh7 file)

you will get some problems if you planed to have same amount (number) of shingles in the first row and very close to the center.
what s the Idea, how do you want to handle the different circumferences ?

noted thanks Tom.

The goal would be to have shingles all roughly the same size with the goal of achieving a similar pattern typology as shown on the right of the screenshot. Doesnt have to be perfect, its just for a render.

I understand that when using “flow along surface” the panels that approach the top of the conicol shape become compressed. Just trying to figure out how to avoid that. Maybe a different command/approach is required?

arrange the shingles like the holes of the speaker, arrange them on a surface of revolution.
than flow from this surface to your freeform roof.

You divide it into 4 pieces and lay 1 piece on the ground.