Flow along a surface

i have a rough surface which i created with grasshopper and i want to stick the whole surface on a submarine model the problem is that when i divide the model and stick the surface using flow along surface command near the tail or the forward part of the submarine which forms a cone and ellipsoid shape the surface becomes very distorted. Is there any way to flow that surface without distortion onto the whole submarine and even if i stick the surface being distorted on the ellipsoid part and then the middle body of the submarine it doesnt join because the pattern from the rough surface becomes different.

How can i solve this issue

Hi @Rana_Abdo
Well, the circumference of both the ellipsoid and cone becomes smaller and smaller towards either end (and reaches zero at the poles), and as such, any uniform pattern will distort/get squashed. Applying patterns to non-developable and tappering surfaces is not easy and depends a LOT on what the pattern is; which brings my to next point: Always post a clear description (preferably both in text and pictures/screengrabs/sketches) of your problem and any relevant files that will make it easier to help you. A side view doesn’t really give a lot to go on.
Regards, Jakob

short answer, no. you cannot do this without distorting.

longer answer, you may be able to uv unwrap this and texture map it with an image based displacement map. That is a very challenging shape to map any type of texture on, but here are some videos you can watch about the topic.