Flow along a distorted surface

distortion.zip (17.5 MB)

I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get a pattern to flow on a highly distorted surface. I am trying to keep the gaps in the pattern the same throughout.

If anyone has a better idea on making this work, please let me know.

Hi Brock - a couple of things -

  • I think I’d do this with just the outline curves, not the surfaces, then split the target surface with the flowed curves.
  • FlowAlognSrf is completely dependent on the surface structures of the base and the target - on your base surface there is some nastiness at the edge here


where the surface gets crowded all into a bunch - that will be mapped to your more regular target surface is a … weird way.


try using the command squish-SquishBack
distortion.3dm (2.6 MB)

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Thanks Vikthor,

So the procedure is to squish the surface, then cage edit the pattern to fit the flat surface. Then Squishback the pattern to the original.

This technique will be very useful.

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