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I’m just giving V6 WIP a go again after a few months. Firstly, I’d like to say that it has improved dramatically. Thank you.

I have a couple of minor issues so far to do with the Materials panel. In V5 I had the Material Editor set to an alias for ease. Now I cannot seem to do this for a floating panel. Using my alias just changes the docked panels to the side to show materials.

The other thing is that I seemingly cannot drag and drop materials from the panel to a layer.

I must say though that when using Rhino V5 in full screen mode, it always drove me mad that the materials panel would also open in full screen mode as a tab to the main window. The new arrangement is significantly better, just with being able to set an alias and drag and drop.

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Try -_FloatPanel d0ac9c51-00b6-414c-8d8b-fc6e95b6b092 S

Does that work?

@nathan Do we have a bug logged for this request? I can’t seem to find it on YouTrack.

@dan, you probably meant to @-mention @nathanletwory (aka me!)

edit: actually, I just realized that @nathan is my very first registration on this forum, but I haven’t used the account in… ages. (:

That said, dragging material onto layer works just fine here:

@nathanletwory (the real one!). I see that behavior too now that I watch your video. I guess I presumed it did not work because the cursor did not change as I dragged away from the material, as it does when you move it into a viewport.

Perhaps the one difference between the Mac and Windows versions atm is that on the Mac you need to drag to the material button on the layer entry. On Windows you can drop anywhere on the layer entry.

On V5 for Mac you can drop anywhere on the layer entry. I think that’s what I would have been trying to do. Any reason this behaviour has been changed between V5 and V6?

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

That’d probably be that the v6 material editor is completely different from v5, as pretty much all code around the drag and drop core.

Sorry, I meant if there was a design decision taken that led to it functioning this way? If not, then can we please revert to the old behaviour / match windows? Thanks

No design decision, currently it is “by implementation”.


You should now be able to drag materials onto the layer line itself in the latest RhinoBETA.

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V7 broke my alias for loading a floating panel for the material panel.

To set up an alias to load the floating material panel in v7, this is what it should be now (on Mac anyway): -_FloatPanel 6df2a957-f12d-42ea-9fa6-95d7920c1b76 S