Flipping the Matrix of a Layer Tree

Is it possible to flip/reverse a layer tree structure?
Is it odd to want to do it?
we normally structure layers as Building>Floor>Assembly>Component>Object>Material.
we want to create a new file for say the visualisation team or export sets of material but grouped by floor and/or assembly.

I know it is possible to script the exporting of layers to separate files (there is an example file on the forums that I have tried before) but was wondering if that was the best way to do that.

Hello - I’d say a script is the way to go here.


so it is possible - just need to start learning scripting first because i know nothing lol.

thanks @pascal . what would be the sequence of steps roughly that i could follow?
for example would i need to create the new layer tree first- and then move objects into them?
i guess im thinking about it as if i were to do it manually dragging layers in the layer pane; i could be totally wrong. but I am going to work my way through the tutorials for Rhinoscript and start hacking away at this :slight_smile:

grasshopper can do this fairly easily, in this example i’ve used Elefront to create and bake the layers. You could apply this to objects as well.

oooh interesting! im going to try doing this now with multiple layers and see how to move objects between them. thank you @Rickson !

this might help

Re_Layer_Fun.gh (15.8 KB)