Change the tree structure of a grid

hi i’m trying to change the tree structure of a grid of points in order to have a squad panel like in the screenshot- some how I end up with two triangle faces instead of the quad I wish to have- I m using the relative item component to achieve but result ist still unsuccessfully
ex-11.3dm (159.4 KB) (39.5 KB)

Like this? (42.5 KB)

@HS_Kim yes ! exactly ! thank you so much , but I still have a problem when I apply the grid on the next surface, I use the same dimensions but I get a a different shape… (53.7 KB)
ex-11_re22.3dm (247.7 KB)

Your second surface has different U&V directions. Swap surface directions in rhino and it should work.

@HS_Kim, thats it, I used flip matrix to invert rows and columns. Thanks again