Sweep2 should both rails have same dir, ditto profiles

looked in help section sweep2 rhino v5
cant see data on following.

Should both rails have dir running in same direction ?
should both profiles have dir running in same direction ?
What is good practice or essential to avoid problems later on if not immediate ?

I am altering my sweeps to be as such but wondered if it was necessary.

If I take a rectangle and extrude it to make a solid, then explode and delete one side then DupEdge to sweep2 it, the dir’s are opposite direction for the rails and the profiles, yet it had a surface prior to this.

Is there a command to select two curves and have it make dir same, flipping one if need be ? all in one action rather than select then dir then deselect then select then flip.



sweep1 or 2 works making surfaces. not solids, how the program could know which direction you want?

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No, this is not necessary, Rhino tries to figure out how it should be.

You can flip curves while inside the Dir command by clicking on them.

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