How to Flatten a double curve surface

Hi there, ladies and gentlemen, how do i flatten this panel into a flat plane for laser cutting? thanks. Ive tried unrollsrf and it just doesn’t work. Show me the way pals

Double curved surfaces can’t be flattened. The term for your surface is: “not developable”.

A developable surface is curved only in one direction. See this:

// Rolf

You can try smash or squish commands, but with uncertain result

Thanks for the explaination, could you perharps suggest what can do if i were to laser cut a metal, and get the same effect as this curved surface

You get what i mean?

you can use the command smash, i am not sure how accurate it is. it also depends which materials you use, rhino shrinks the surface slightly assuming that you are going to use a material which will stretch due to the deformation which will take place. you also have squish but try what rather helps you. in case of having patterns you can also use squish back after you laid them on the previously squished surface - try it :slight_smile:

Squish provides options to control how the flattening process distorts the surface. The best choice of options depends on how the shape will be formed. You may need to experiment to find what works best for the material and forming method which will be used.