Flatten (smash) an area of a photogrammetry mesh, keeping the texture

Hi everyone,
I’m new here, english is not my native language so please be easy on my speaking :smiley:
I learned Rhino by myself for multiple uses, usually i can find how to achieve what i’m aiming for, but today i have an unusual request.

I have to “flatten” a part of a file from photogrammetry stuff. I first did it in a simple way and i’m ok with the result, but i know nothing about how texture works.
Maybe it can’t be done with Rhino, but i need to be able to apply the texture from the part of the model i flattenned to the new surface, then smash it to get a flat surface which has the texture on it.

I’m not sure it is very clear, i did my best !

Thank you in advance,

Yoann BP

it s a coloured pointcloud ?
( it is not a mesh with a texture - is it ?)
maybe post some (partial) sample data ?

It is a mesh, not a pointcloud

UVEditor command edits texture meshes. (ApplyMesh and ApplyMeshUVN commands wrap meshes and points onto a surface.)