Flamingo render panel looks like rhino render

Hi there! I just installed flamingo evaluation with my rhino 6. However, when i press the render buttion, i get the Rhino Render Panel up, not the standard Flamingo render panel i was used to. Does anyone know what i mean.
In the rhino render panel (when you are rendering) it has all the buttons on the left side. But in flamingo it has it on the right.

I have set my settings to flamingo render

Many thanks,

3 This latest one is the panel i am used to.

Hi Sandy , Make sure to select the Flamingo nXt 5.5 is a current render engine.

I have had Flamingo and Rhino 5 for 3 years and have upgraded to Rhino 6 in May 18. I always had the Rhino render panel irrespective of Flamingo being the default render engine.

I have noticed a very irritating change though since on Rhino vs 6 in that I cannot intermediate save the render process until I decide to stop the render process.

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Martin Janutsch