Flamingo nXt vs Flamingo nXt 5

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone might be able to help understanding which version of Flamingo to use.

I’ve taken over building computer room images from a colleague who left and have been asked to make sure Flamingo is up to date. Last year we used a version of Flamingo that is just over 1GB in size, which seems to match the download under the Legacy section from the downloads page, but the latest version is only 63mb! How can it have shrunk so much? Which do I need?

Many thanks,

Flamingo nXt (3) was distributed as an executable ISO file back when we used to make product DVDs. The DVD carries all of the different supported languages and additional code to work with Rhino V4.

Flamingo nXt 5 uses a much more efficient electronic distribution system and only the user’s language files are included in the package. Additionally, because it does not support Rhino V4, it makes much more efficient use of the RDK (Rendering Development Kit) tools in Rhino V5.

Thanks John, that makes sense :slight_smile: I’m happy to go with the much smaller v5 now.