Flamingo nXt on Zoo licensing issue

Hi there, We have a Zoo license server setup and whilst I was able to install Rhino 5 64bit which communicates with the Zoo server ok, Flamingo 3.1 doesn’t seem to be able to communicate.
I’ve added 30 educational lab licenses for both Rhino 5 and Flamingo nXt to the zoo server. I’ve installed Rhino and Flamingo on a fresh pc.
Rhino connects fine and checks out a license fine every time but what I’ve noticed with Flamingo is that it checks out a license only sometimes, and when it does, if I close the program and reopen it again it will fail to get a license. I’ve also installed the Zoo on another pc but the same thing happens. I am using all the lastest versions downloaded within the past few days.
I’ve used the Zooo network diagnostics and that comes back fine too…

Any help at all with this would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Rob,

Read the Technical Support section of this page:


Does this help?

Hi Dale, thanks for your advice.
I tried re-registering by running RegRhinoLM5.exe but this didn’t help. When I try to use a Flamingo option I get a “License not found” dialogue where I can choose to use a zoo server again. If I choose Zoo server (workgroup node) then it searches and then connects so if i choose Flamingo nXt> About , from the menu it shows as registered with a S/N but then if I do it again whilst Rhino is still running it brings up the “About” info with the S/N with all x’s in its place. If I close Rhino and reopen it and try to go to Flamingo nXt> About, it brings up the “Licence not found” window again. ;(

Ok I think I may have fixed this/found a workaround myself. I’ve added this extra registry entry and now whenever I want to use a flamingo feature it picks up a license:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\License Manager]